What skills/characteristics do you possess—leadership, perseverance, enthusiasm, integrity, etc. that will allow you to be successful?
May 8, 2018
Describe professional nursing standards that influence management practice and the role of nurse managers.
May 8, 2018

#6 Demonstrate an ability to reflect on interpersonal and interactional processes with individuals, families, and groups and critically analyze own role in relation to them.

#8 Evaluate the outcomes of therapeutic nursing interventions and plan further interventions accordingly.


TOPIC Clinical expertise, patient values, optimum safe care

DIRECTIONS Complex and even “simple” nursing interventions may consist of several steps or components and may require various resources (additional personnel or equipment) to safely implement depending on individual patient characteristics. For example, bathing a patient who is morbidly obese with chest tubes, central lines, and is unconscious and intubated can make this seemingly simple task a multi-person undertaking to insure patient safety and wellbeing.

“Factors such as the strength . . . of an intervention and the resources required for delivering it (e.g., personnel, setting and equipment) are rarely described, nor are extraneous variables such as contextual or environmental features and patient characteristics, which can significantly influence the intervention process . . . (Sidani & Braden, 1998)” (Thompson and Clark, 2012, p. 277).

Think of a nursing intervention that you have performed on a specific (complex) patient. Consider these “factors” and carefully outline each step to illustrate the actual detail of this intervention, noting the influence of extraneous variables and clinical expertise. Note a “take away” from this eye opening exercise. This may be in an essay format or as a concept map to illustrate the intervention and intertwining elements.


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