Write a 2-4 page double-spaced reflection paper on the case of President Trump’s two Tweets: NFL kneeling at the national anthem, Golden State Warriors invitation to the white house.
April 24, 2022
For this week’s Discussion, you will find a credible source that presents a rival perspective to your argument for change, share a key passage from the source, and then paraphrase that information using a signal phrase and in-text citation
April 24, 2022


For this assignment, you will examine the relationship between gender stereotypes and culture. Do different cultures have different ideas about what jobs are appropriate for women and what are appropriate for men? Why?
Complete the following:
·         Take a look at the variety of jobs listed in the Occupations and Gender document given in the resources. When you look at each job, do you think of a male or a female? Work quickly, and write down the first response that comes to mind. If it takes you more than a minute to respond to all of the jobs, you are overthinking it.
·         Find someone who has a different cultural background from yours. Ask that person to do the same task, and write down the responses.
·         Answer the following questions in your paper:
§  Did you find any patterns in your responses? Do some of these jobs have more traditional masculine or feminine traits?
§  What similarities did you find between your responses and your partner’s responses?
§  What differences did you find between your responses and your partner’s responses?
§  Do you think cultural backgrounds affected the perceptions that were drawn?
§  What does the research say about minimizing gender stereotypes in the workplace?
Your paper should be 3–4-page in length, formatted as per APA sixth edition guidelines. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources supporting your conclusions.
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