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April 12, 2022
1.Primary and secondary prevention strategies for colorectal cancer. 2.Evidence supporting the recommendations for the prevention strategies for colorectal cancer. 3.Strategies must include cultural preferences of the Asian American population.
April 12, 2022



The first part of the deliverable will be an in-depth coverage in the form of a portfolio of all aspects of your emerging technology.
Your portfolio needs to contain, at least, all of these points:

a description of your information technology, in both technical and non-technical (e.g. Dilbert’s Boss/elderly relatives) terms
why you think the world needs your information technology – in other words, “what business/personal/environmental/health/financial, etc. problem are you trying to solve?”
what sorts of users you envision having
what (if any) current information technology it disrupts, and how (this could include inefficient methods currently in use to solve the problem you’ve posed)
how you would integrate your information technology into existing technology systems
your information technology’s effects in each (and all) of the following areas:

environmental (include animal testing stance, if applicable)
ethical (include intellectual property considerations overall)
(if relevant) political/geopolitical

a marketing plan, including social media presence. If you are considering crowdfunding (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Quirky, etc. this is where you would address that)

Creativity in the deliverable is a requirement, so include things like images (Photoshopped is fine), staged press releases, and fake breaking news clips, for instance. Pseudonyms are fine for this deliverable.
Also, because this is a new technology, you will need to go through the motions of filling out a pretend patent application, without actually submitting said patent application (or paying any money to the government or, worse, lawyers). It is perfectly fine to make up data for your patent application. The USPTO has patent applications, but good luck figuring out that system – you are free to improvise your own patent application (see the sample project for patent ideas – and feel free to copy that one’s patent documentation entirely)
If you will be implanting/ingesting/injecting the technology you will need to go through the motions of getting FDA approval, as well (don’t submit anything to the actual FDA – this is pretend). Again, make this up, based on things you can find on the Internet (the FDA site is a good start)
Pretend this portfolio will be shown to venture capitalists or angel investors. You need to convince them your information technology is worth investing in. Completeness in terms of addressing the issues mentioned above is the primary goal; creativity in doing so helps communicate your points better. Show your professor (and the class) that you’ve learned something during the term.
Because this project incorporates non-text elements, it’s hard to give an exact page or word count. If it were to be completely text based, you would be expected to turn in between 15 and 20 pages (assuming 250 words per page). Don’t stress about word counts or page counts, though – use the amount of space you need to address all the points. If you’re proud of what you’re turning in chances are you’re doing the right thing.
If you can find sources to back up what you’re saying, give those credit, using a consistent and complete style. As part of the creativity aspect of the project feel free to make up sources and cite them, too


The second part of the deliverable will be a commercial/advertisement for your techology. The commercial should be 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. It should engage the audience and make them curious about your information technology innovation.
Here is some advice from a site on how to present a demo to investors:

A demo explains what you’ve made more effectively than any verbal description. The only thing worth talking about first is the problem you’re trying to solve and why it’s important. But don’t spend more than a tenth of your time on that. Then demo.
When you demo, don’t run through a catalog of features. Instead start with the problem you’re solving, and then show how your product solves it. Show features in an order driven by some kind of purpose, rather than the order in which they happen to appear on the screen.
Make a soundbite stick in their heads.
Professional investors hear a lot of pitches. After a while they all blur together. The first cut is simply to be one of those they remember. And the way to ensure that is to create a descriptive phrase about yourself that sticks in their heads.
In Hollywood, these phrases seem to be of the form “x meets y.” In the startup world, they’re usually “the x of y” or “the x y.” Viaweb’s was “the Microsoft Word of ecommerce.”
Find one and launch it clearly (but apparently casually) in your talk, preferably near the beginning.
It’s a good exercise for you, too, to sit down and try to figure out how to describe your startup in one compelling phrase. If you can’t, your plans may not be sufficiently focused.

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