​Discussion #7 – My Nursing Assignment
April 16, 2022
M3_A1 – My Nursing Assignment
April 16, 2022


For this assignment, step out of the “classroom” and research your community. Part of your program and course objectives is to understand where you will be able to work when you have completed this degree. Although you may not have a license to practice, there are likely many local agencies you could work with, either as a consultant or a full-time employee. With this assignment, identify 3–5 different local sites where you could act as a consultant or employee. Clearly identify why you are qualified to work with the agencies you select. Note that you are not to approach these sites and present yourself as a forensic consultant, but you may identify yourself as a student of SNHU. If you visit a site, find out information about what services they provide and who is allowed to work with them. Be careful and ethical in how you present your own expertise.
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