APA style paper – My Nursing Assignment
April 15, 2022
Franck Hertz calculation – My Nursing Assignment
April 15, 2022


Hi, I would like you to do the calculation for Franck Hertz experiment. I have attached all you need to finish the calculation and answer the questions in each part. you will see the steps in the file called “Franck Hertz handout” . Moreover, use excel sheets are in the file called attachments for each Mercury and Neon. I want you to organize it based on the file called “Data analysis Report”. Moreover, I want you to write me a summary a short paragraph and answer the questions called pre-labs exercises under the short paragraph. So,
There are two major things I want you to finish:
1- do the calculation and analysis based on what the handout file, and Data analysis Report are asking you for. you have to write them on world document what Data analysis Reportare asking you for.
2- write me in a different file a short paragraph about this experiment, and do the pre-lab exercises.
Good luck and thank you,
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