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April 13, 2022
proposal for organizational learning issues
April 13, 2022


A minimum of 1,000 words (total assignment) and three scholarly sources with in text citations. Each question must have references and citations. You can use our textbook for one of the three sources and it is uploaded.
Griffith, B. A., & Dunham, E. B. (2014). Working in Teams: Moving From High Potential to High Performance. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.
1. Group members can be classified into one of four social styles. Name and describe each style.
2. Sources of conflict can be found in any one of four distinct levels. Name and describe the levels and give an example of each.
3. Name and describe the five conflict styles. Which is the most ideal/ Why?
4. Describe how the dynamic has changed, over the last decade, between managers and workers.
5. Describe three influence tactics that are most effective for team leaders.
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