Using these four bullets you have selected summarize how this political divide would evolve into the two-party system.
July 7, 2022
What theory of liability did Justice Posner use in finding the defendant liable?
July 7, 2022


Need an original post of a minimum of 250 words.  I need two incited (APA) references (one can be the chapters I am providing).  

Privacy laws are in a near constant state of flux. Conduct research to identify the current state of privacy law. Has any major legislation recently been proposed or approved? What are the implications for firms operating in affected industries? What are the potential benefits to consumers? Do consumers lose anything from this legislation? Include the URLs of your sources.

Do any of the products that you use leverage artificial intelligence? What kinds of AI might be used in Netflix’s movie recommendation system, Apple’s iTunes Genius playlist builder, or Amazon’s Web site personalization? Conduct research online, if necessary, to answer this question. Include the URLs of your sources.


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