What are the pharmacological agent(s) used to manage the substance of abuse long-term?
May 8, 2018
Describe three middle-range theories that you have not previously discussed this week.
May 8, 2018

Paper Guidelines:

You developed a nursing philosophy when you first entered the nursing program <– (I did not submit that assignment). Has your philosophy changed, deepened and/or been modified through education and the exposure to real patients with real needs in the clinical setting through your past three
semesters of nursing school?

Have you gained a certain wisdom or insight as a senior nursing student that you did not have prior to becoming a nursing student?
Do you believe your clinical patients and their families were satisfied or pleased with the care you delivered? What do you think made your approach or care unique?
Write about a clinical situation where you were faced providing care to a patient with an ethical or moral issue that was different than your own values or belief system. How did it make you feel?
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