what policies and solutiopns your would support that can improve the quality of the nation’s ever-changing health care system
October 15, 2018
Does a focus on the bottom line result in a reduction in the quality of health care?
October 15, 2018


Please watch the video from the online about Typhoid Mary…

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Typhoid Mary: The Most Dangerous Woman in America Typhoid Mary – Low Bandwidth Version Typhoid Mary – Silverlight Player
Ogden-Grable, H.C. and Watters, M.C. (2004). State-Mandated Licensure of Laboratory Personnel. Laboratory Medicine, 35(10), 595-598. State-Mandated Licensure of Laboratory Personnel (PDF)
Sox, H.C., et al. (2002). Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter. Annals of Internal Medicine, 136(3), 243-246. Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium – A Physician Charter
Choose one of the listed topics for your initial posting:
Mary Mallon viewed herself as a model employee and was eager to return to her job as a cook despite being forbidden to by the health department.
What affect, if any, do you think Mary’s ethnicity played in her professional behavior?
Do you consider Mary’s act as that of a “Professional” as defined by Sox?
Comment on your views of individual versus societal rights when quarantining the sick.
After reading the Laboratory Medicine article on state licensure for CLS, summarize the pro and con arguments surrounding the licensure debate. What is the progress of state licensure legislation in your state? What is your opinion of state licensure for clinical laboratory professionals?



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