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May 5, 2021
Peer-ReviewHelping behavior – What motivates helping behavior (alturism)Using the , find two peer-reviewed articles that are relevant to the research topic Helping behavior – ehat motivtes alturistic
May 5, 2021

1. Review (based on readings from this week and earlier in the course).

  • What is a global education? What does it mean to be a “global school”?
  • How can such an education be achieved world wide?
  • What are key elements of a “global curriculum”? What ideas from the “world course” stand out to you?

2. Think.

  • Who might you teach (i.e., pick a grade from K-12)?
  • What would you like the focus of the content to be? What are some initial goals and objectives of your lesson?
  • What are some strategies you would use to meet the needs of diverse learners?
  • What ideas from the course will you use to inform your lesson plan?

1. Read. Hull, G.A., & Hellmich, E. (2018). Locating the global. Teachers College Record 120(3), 1-36.Preview the document—- word document

2. Read. Reimers, F.M., Chopra, V., Chung, C.K., Higdon, J., & O’Donnell, E.B. (2016). Empowering global citizens: A World Course*. (pp. xix-179; introduction – 5th grade)—- PDF

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