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April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021

Hi Dear,

The assignment is to be 2000-2500 words and produced as a report including citations and a list of References identifying your sources.

(1) the purpose of a legal system,

(2) the sources of law in the UK and the differences between statutory law, common law and equity,

(3) the impact of Company Law and Contract Law on business,

(4) the role of government in making law,

(5) the court system in the UK,

(6) the role of the judiciary in interpreting legislation and judicial precedent.


(1) You will need to report on the legal institutions and processes in the UK for creating and enforcing the law.

(2) You need to identify the aspects of company law and contract law which businesses must comply with.

(3) You need to explain the role of government and the courts in making law.

(4) You need to evaluate the effectiveness of the UK legal system in light of new developments.

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