What are two benchmarking tools that can be used to evaluate cloud-based and non-cloud-based systems?
April 16, 2022
BA 606 Group Management: Power Point Presentation 8 Part 1: Effect Of Culture On Teams As A Group, Review At Least Four (6) Academically Reviewed Articles On How Cultures Affect Team Management.Develop Power Presentation Based On The Articles.
April 16, 2022


History of racial oppression
Week 3 – Racial Oppression Assignment
Choose one time period and discuss the history of racial/ethnic oppression.
1) Slave trade in Virginia (1600s)
2) Slavery in the United States south (1800s)
3) Chinese railroad workers in US (1868-1924)
4) Trail of tears (1831-1850) Native Americans
5) Small Pox Epidemic Native Americans (1754-1763)
6) Anti-Italian Immigration (1840-1924)
7) Anti-Jewish Immigration (1860 – 1930)
8) Social Darwinism (1880-1944)
9) Anti-German Immigration (1680-1760)
10) 1985 Philadelphia Police Bombing (1985)
11) Anti-Latino Immigration (1840-1936)
12) One of your own choice (must be approved by professor)
Answer the following questions in essay format. 2-3 pages. APA format. 12 Font Times New Roman only.
All work must be properly cited and unless otherwise noted; do not include pure opinion.
1) Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out.
2) What justifications did the dominant culture use to promote the oppression of the Other?
3) How was science or religion (or both) used to justify the oppression?
4) What attitudes, beliefs and values created the situation that led to the oppression of the Other?
5) In what ways was race or ethnicity used to create the oppression?
6) How did these oppressions influence modern American ideas on race and ethnicity?
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