How difficult was it for you to locate quality, relevant, timely evidence?
May 8, 2018
What are their roles and responsibilities and how do the members interact to provide health care to the community?
May 8, 2018

In chapter 11 of Kotter (2012), he writes about the importance of lifelong learning being essential for effective leadership. On p. 190 Kotter (2012) goes on to outline the habits that support lifelong learning for continued growth and development. In approximately 750-1000 words, write a paper describing:
1. How these habits are and can be incorporated into your lifelong learning as a nursing professional.
2. How do you envision lifelong learning contributing to your growth in nursing leadership roles?
3. Explain the connection you find between the “Projections for the Future” you read about in Yoder-Wise (Chapter 30) and the importance of lifelong learning.


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