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July 7, 2022
Is Connecticut’s regulation constitutional? | Term Paper Tutors
July 7, 2022


Topics relating to business law pop up every day in newspapers and magazines around the country. For up to FIVE points of extra credit find a newspaper or magazine article on a business law related subject and answer the following questions:What is/are the company/companies involved in the legal issue presented in the article? What product or service do these companies provide?Summarize the legal issue described in the article you chose. Is this a civil or criminal issue? How do you know?What is the likely outcome or result? Why? Or, if the matter has been resolved, explain why you agree or disagree with the result?What actions could the company or companies have taken to prevent the legal issue from occurring?What are the ethical implications of the article’s subject matter? How might a business change how it is run based on the issues raised in the article?


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