Describe how the process of memorization works. Use the terms Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval in your explanation.
April 23, 2022
The climate change concept – My Nursing Assignment
April 23, 2022


Class HRM6623 Talent DevelopmentBook: Jon M. Werner Human Resource Development: Talent Development 7th EditionDUE: Saturday Midnight (Aug 26) – SINGAPORE TIME (NOT US time)Week 2 discussion questionsQuestion 1 – Chapter 2 (p.61) and Question 2 – Chapter 3 (p. 104)1. Describe at least three ways that factors in the external environment can influence employee behavior. If you were an HRD professional involved with an action team that was charged with evaluating the likely success of a proposed downsizing of your organization, what factors would you want to consider in making this recommendation? That is based on what you know of HRD to this point, how can HRD professionals impact the likely success or failure of this action?2. Explain the role trainability plays in the effectiveness of an HRD program or intervention. Briefly describe the options available to assess the trainability of employees.
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