conduct a literature search from different databases about Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson and their theories, and provide a synthesis of the literature about the work of the two nursing theorists.
April 25, 2022
create an outline as a preliminary structure for the narrative essay
April 25, 2022


        Hydration and water toxicity


Start with your textbook and then expand to professional journals. You must cite at least 10 research references from professional sports medicine related journals (see Appendix C p. 935 in your textbook for some ideas). Many articles are available through the databases at our library. Make an appointment with a librarian if you need help researching your case study topic.

All assignments should be typed, 12 pt, double spaced, Times New Roman font using APA or AMA referencing format . APA o r AMA format is required when citing date and sources of information within the context of your answer, paper or assignment. See
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