8-10 pg paper on Ethics, Compliance Auditing, and Emerging Issues
February 23, 2021
Debating Sex and Gender
February 23, 2021

(1) Describe a single aspect of interpersonal communication that you recognize as being an area of needed
improvement for yourself BOLD TYPE THE ASPECT FOR IMPROVEMENT. For example, it might be listening,
or conflict resolution, verbal or nonverbal skills or so on.
(2) apply 3 theories (no more no less – bold type the names of the theories. to analyze why you might
encounter some of the communication problems that you experience. For example, you will not receive credit if
one of the concepts you select is “conflict.” You need to be specific about the exact nuance of conflict
communication you want to apply. Remember to cite the specifics.
(3) describe a plan of action for improving communication competence in that area you’ve discussed, using
theories and concepts from text reading and/or online lectures or class information. Bold face the words Plan of
Action so I know when you begin to talk about the plan.
In selecting the theories or theoretical concepts, be as specific as possible, for example “trust” won’t work

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