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October 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021


Provide a detailed instructional plan for one of the students described below, including accommodations, modifications, referrals for additional services, if necessary, and resources for the family.• Child A: Sam is a 4-year old student with Autism. He has a significant language delay, mostly using sounds and gestures to get his needs heard. Because of his language delay, he gets easily frustrated when adults or peers do not understand him and often resorts to throwing himself on the ground, hitting another child, or running away. In addition, Sam puts everything in his mouth, cries over loud noises, and has difficulty sitting in circle time activities. • Child B: Bella is a 3-year old student with a language delay. Bella and her family recently moved here from Brazil and they do not speak or understand English. Bella is extremely quiet and often cries when her parents drop her off at school. Her parents appear to be very concerned about how she adjusting.
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