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May 3, 2021
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May 3, 2021


Develop a 1–2 page job description for a Health Information professional that is accompanied by a 2–3-page executive summary, summarizing the position and advocating to leadership for the need of it.

Questions to Consider:

  • What are the specific job duties a new hire will need to perform with regards to EHR or HIM systems management?
  • What kinds of training or certification are most desirable for an applicant? Why?
  • What qualifications are required in similar job postings at other organizations?
    • Hint: Look online for similar job postings.
  • How will you defend the need to fulfill the new HIM position with regards to meeting organizational needs and return on investment?
    • What evidence can you use to help support your defense?


For this assessment, refer to your work on the Analysis of Electronic Health Records System assignment. You may also wish to refer back to the Vila Health: Analysis of an EHR System simulation and the documents in the Resources section.

Now that you have made recommendations on an EHR and meaningful use compliance, leadership has decided to hire a Health Information manager to oversee the EHR and other relevant HIM. This person will be responsible for ensuring long-term meaningful use compliance and work with the staff, stakeholders, and vendors to ensure continued success and seamless use of the EHR system.

Since you spent so much time analyzing the organization’s systems, the new hire will report directly to you and you will take the lead in the hiring process.


Before you start drafting the job description for the new hire, you must fully understand the following components of the EHR or HIM systems.

  • Workflow analysis.
  • Software licensing.
  • Training.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Hardware.
  • Vendor and Vendor Roles.
  • Billing alignment with third-party payers.
  • Medical coding and billing processes.

The new hire will have a role in overseeing all the components of EHR or HIM systems. This is a mid-level management position and leadership is looking for you create a position that meets the needs of the organization and is financially feasible.

Use the Capella University Library, Suggested Resources, and the Internet to assist you in the following:

  • Research specific HIM management certifications such as Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Center for Healthcare Information Management (CHIM), and Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT).
  • Identify specific job functions of a health information professional.
  • Explain the skills and training needed that align with the points under Preparation in this assessment (EHR or HIM systems).
  • Review current job descriptions from organizations similar to Independence Medical Center.
  • Evaluate the role of the HIM or other health IT professional.

Developing an understanding and vision of these points about the new hire and their position will be critical in effectively creating a job description that will yield the types of candidates that you and the Vila Health organization want for the position.


For this assessment, you will create two deliverables. First, create a 2–3-page executive summary that summarizes the need for the position; this will be presented to leadership prior to posting the job description and advertising it to potential candidates. Second, create a 1–2-page job description detailing the position of health information professional that you want to hire.

The executive summary’s purpose is to present a clear case for the need of the health information professional’s position to be hired. You should support this need with evidence from your analysis that you completed in this course’s first assessment. The executive summary will be assessed with the following scoring guide criteria:

  • Explain an organization’s need for a health information professional to ensure long-term meaningful use and current incentive program compliance.
  • Analyze the potential financial impacts of hiring a new health information professional.
    • In other words, what will it cost to hire and employ the new health information professional versus the potential costs incurred by failing meaningful use compliance, or failing to achieve incentives from current programs?
  • Support hiring need and recommendations with specific evidence to encourage buy-in from leadership.

The job-description will allow you to layout the desired skills and responsibilities for the health information professional. It should include a minimum and a preferred education, experience, and training requirement. The job description will be assessed with the following scoring guide criteria:

  • Describe specific job functions of a new health information professional.
  • Explain the skills and training needed by a new health information professional to be successful in a position.

In addition to the points mentioned so far in this assessment, the following scoring guide criteria will be assessed throughout your assessment:

  • Communicate the need for and job requirements of a health information professional in a manner that is clear and concise.
  • Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.


Electronic Health Records

These resources provide examples of the EHR technology in medical practice, along with some of the pitfalls and challenges in implementing and using this new technology.

  • The EHR that lets doctors be doctors. (2017). Health Management Technology, 38(9), 22–23.
  • Vanderhook, S., & Abraham, J. (2017). Unintended consequences of EHR systems: A narrative review. Proceedings of the International Symposium of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare, 6(1), 218–225.
  • Séroussi, B., Jaulent, M. -C., & Lehmann C. U. (2015). Health information technology challenges to support patient-centered care coordination. IMIA Yearbook, 10(1), 8–10.
Health Information Professionals

Health information management is a growing field with new technologies and the increasing demand for HIM professionals. These sources highlight HIM in terms of a growing profession.

  • Abrams, K., Carlon, S., Haugen, M. B., Mancilla, D., McElroy, K., Millen, M., . . . Sorensen, L. (2017). HIM reimagined outlines BOLD new future for HIM profession. Journal of AHIMA, 88(6), 22–25.
  • Gibson, C. J., Dixon, B. E., & Abrams, K. (2015). Convergent evolution of health information management and health informatics: A perspective on the future of information professionals in health care. Applied Clinical Informatics, 6(1), 163–184.


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