14. During registration at State University every semester, students in the college of business must have their courses approved by…
April 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021

Instructions: ***Take note: A detailed budget, media plans such as press releases or flyers as well as plans for social media usage, and evaluation plan.

A detailed budget for any proposal you make should be clear, well organized and easy to understand. Consider using spreadsheets to show the budget clearly so others can easily see what cost is involved for your program.

Consider the following for your budgets:

Expenses – What are the expenses that your program will create? Consider everything. Even the smallest details are important to capture. You wouldn’t want to forget something and then have to come back and ask for more money later. Below are some items you might find on your budget for your expenses:

– Staff/Employee Cost – What and how many staff will you need? What will the salaries/wages look like for each person involved? Indicate the cost of staff by hours and weeks. For example, for staff earning hourly wages, you may have 1 staff who will make $17 per hour and will work 20 hours per week and then another staff who will be making $12 per hour who works 40 hours per week. You may also have a staff who is paid a salary and you can just include what that would be.

– Technology/Equipment – copiers, printers, computers, etc

– Advertising/Communications – flyers, ads in local papers or tv/radio stations, etc

– Space – Office/Venue Cost

– Supplies – general office supplies, training supplies, etc.

– Travel expenses – mileage reimbursement, overnight stays, etc

Income – You may or may not have income involved in your program. Consider if you will have money coming to help off-set the expenses you are proposing. Are other organizations going to contribute toward the cost? Is your program a fundraiser? Will you use some of the proceeds from your fundraiser to off-set the costs? If you have income related to your program, make sure to include that in the budget also.

***Take note: A detailed budget, media plans such as press releases or flyers as well as plans for social media usage, and evaluation plan.

I have uploaded an example of what a budgeting sheet is suppose to look like but please make sure that everything else up top is covered. This is Part 3 of a 4 part assignment so I have uploaded my Part 1 and Part 2 with my budgeting information for my program proposal.


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