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February 23, 2021
Volcanic Activity Exploring Succession and Ecosystem Change Lab Assignment
February 23, 2021

Introduce your paper by briefly describing the chronic disease (1 paragraph) on which you are focusing.
Describe the impact of stigma on health outcomes for 1-2 diverse and/or vulnerable populations with this chronic illness. How might the experience and influence of stigma differ at the point of diagnosis, during initial engagement with treatment, and as the illness persists?
Besides stigma, what are 3-5 barriers faced by people diagnosed with the chronic illness you have been focusing on this term? For each barrier you describe, list and describe at least one resource that might remove this as a barrier.
When family members become involved in supporting someone diagnosed with a chronic illness, life changes for the family, as well as the individual. Describe at least three adjustments family caregivers make when a loved one is diagnosed with the condition, as identified in the literature. What can be done to assist family caregivers to provide care for their loved one with an illness and/or care for themselves? Do not duplicate what you have written elsewhere in your paper.
Describe at least one local, state, or national policy that supports persons living with your selected chronic illness. Describe the policy goals as related to the illness. Talk about how well the policy addresses the needs of people with your chosen condition and those of caregivers. State whether certain groups or populations are better served by the policy than others, and why.
Conclude your paper by recommending 2-3 strategies for improving health outcomes for people living with this chronic illness. Your recommended change(s) may apply to all with the condition, or certain vulnerable groups. This section should be at least one page in length and should reflect a deep understanding of the selected illness and the literature.

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