Write about Pleasure in Plato and Aristotle
April 24, 2022
Interview a chaplain currently serving in the particular chaplaincy discipline in which you have chosen to focus your Research Paper. The interview may be conducted in person (preferable), by video communication, or by phone.
April 24, 2022


Smoking has been linked to many respiratory diseases and many states and businesses have made smoking illegal in public and work places. One reason for the concern in recent years is the increasing evidence that smoking not only affects the smoker, but also those who are exposed to secondhand smoke. E-cigarettes are also quickly replacing tobacco cigarettes and promoted as less hazardous because the carcinogens have been removed.For your discussion post, complete the following:

Should the government go further and ban tobacco products entirely? Why or why not.
Describe the health risks involved with smoking alternatives products like e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco?

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