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May 5, 2021
Write Definitions
May 5, 2021

Similar to our text, Sullivan and Feinn (2012) explain that while the effect size tells us the magnitude of the difference among groups, the p value tells us the probability that the research results happened by chance. “…In reporting and interpreting research studies, both the substantive significance (effect size) and statistical significance (P value) are essential results to be reported…” (paragraph 8). Using one of your  research articles collected for the week 8 final paper, tell us what results show for the (a) effect size and the (b)  p value. Then explain what the effect size means as it relates to the overall research objective. Reply using a maximum of 250 words (excluding citations).

Note: Use the rubric for participation. Provide definitions of the two concepts (effect size and p value) using our text or Sullivan & Feinn (2012). Illustrate the meaning of the two concepts by interpreting the results (a) and (b) in your example from research.


Sullivan, G. M., & Feinn, R. (2012). Using Effect Size–or Why the P Value Is

     Not Enough. Journal of Graduate Medical Education, 4(3), 279-282.  Retrieved from


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