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April 16, 2022
List the types of plastics (Give the plastic resin type number and example of trash items made of that plastic) in order of how easy they are to recycle.
April 16, 2022


Lillian Earl
This is a very difficult situation.  According to my research the embryo with the closest match or exact match as the ill child was harvested.  All other embryos that was not a match was either discarded or saved for research.  I feel uneasy with this process although it is needed to get the correct match for the ill child.  I believe when it comes to our children we do whatever we can to save them.  In my research I also read that the stem cells are harvested once the child is born by taking the cells from the placenta.  I believe that this process is not harming the new child in any way.  The question is what if it doesn’t work, what then.  Will they be putting the new child through pain by donating their bone marrow? 
My opinion to the mother is I can understand the desperation a parent may have wanting to save their ill child and would possibly do it myself if I was in her position.  The stem cell taken at birth from the placenta would be as far as I would go.  But to what extent would she go?  I would not put my new child through painful bone marrow transplants unless she was fully aware and of age to make such a big decision.  I believe once you take it to that extreme you are violation your childs right and they are too young to make such decisions. 
Even now rereading this article I found makes me question even my choices.  They may go through many embryos and destroy them if not a match.  I can honestly say I as a mother would be torn.Cynthia Garttmeyer Ethics of Donor Baby TransplantEthics of Donor Baby Transplant
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