write a analysis on the following article i have listed the article below please check its new york times
April 4, 2021
health literacy and vulnerable populations
April 4, 2021

Thesis and outline for essay 1.

Post your thesis statement and rough outline by 3/21, 7pm. Note I have a samples for you with comments in this module.

Forum for rough drafts

Lots of options. You can upload a file, use google docs, or cut and paste your essay into a post. Please use your name, name of novel, and the name of the character you wrote about as your subject line.

Forum for peer review of essay 1

Using the rubric to assess your assigned groupmates’ paper, read and review the assigned essays and post completed rubrics here. You can download the rubric Preview the documentand fill it out, then upload it. Be sure to title the upload with your name and the name of the person you reviewed.

Essay 1: An essay on character


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