3-5 pages excluding cover page
April 15, 2022
Reflective Analysis: Risk Management and the Role of Managed Care
April 15, 2022


Making more clear connection between lucid dreaming and kama muta. 
What are you aiming to say about how they are related to Kama muta? 
Show that there is any link or common feature. 
In any case, make it as if scholarly academic works 
It’s not clear that any of them were peer-reviewed, and none seem to have been published by legitimate, reputable publishers. 
So I would be wary of the claims they make. 
The topic of this paper is rather far from the topic of the course, which is emotions. 
There may be emotions in dreams, say more much about emotions in dreams. 
Moreover, I specified that for this course you should do the research, collecting a little data, or else write a research proposal, specifying how you would do research (research design, methods). 
Collect any data, design any studies. This paper’s requirements. 
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