NURSING: Advanced Pathophysiology
April 4, 2021
Week 2 post 1
April 4, 2021

Short Answer Homework Quiz 6 Questions and Rubric

1. Genetic information has become part of our culture and it is difficult to tell the difference between unmodified and genetically modified food sources such as plant and animals. After reading this module’s material regarding vectors in biotechnology, consider the potential for nanotechnology and scientific advancement. A good starting point beyond our text is one of these papers:

  • Will Nanotechnology Bring New Hope for Gene Delivery? Wong, Joanna KL; Mohseni, Rashin; Amir Ali Hamidieh; MacLaren, Robert E; Nagy, Habib; et al. Trends in Biotechnology; Oxford Vol. 35, Iss. 5, (May 1, 2017): 434-451. DOI:10.1016/j.tibtech.2016.12.009
  • Application of nanotechnology in plant growth and crop protection: A review. Molecules, 24(14), 2558. Shang, Y., Hasan, M. K., Ahammed, G. J., Li, M., Yin, H., & Zhou, J. (2019).

Research nanotechnology and its potential use in biotechnology. In one or two paragraphs, explain the potential advantages and disadvantages of nanotechnology in health care, agriculture, or industry and discuss whether you would or would not support further research.

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Homework 6 Quiz Rubric Nov19

Here is the rubric for homework 6 quiz.

Levels of Achievement


Not attempted






0 Points

Student did not attempt question.

5 Points

Student attempted to answer the question.

10 Points

Student attempted all parts of the question.

12 Points

Student attempted all parts of the question. Student demonstrates an understanding of nanotechnology.

15 Points

Student attempted all parts of the question. Student demonstrates an understanding of nanotechnology and its potential uses in at least one of the listed fields.


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