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April 2, 2021
Discuss the macro environment of the country, business and finance homework help
April 2, 2021

Here are the kinds of issues to address and include in the Reflective Journal/Summary. These suggestions are not exhaustive nor is each element “required”. The summary should naturally flow from your unique and idiosyncratic experience and practicum experience.

· Brief summary (numbers can be approximate) of the types of clients you have seen, tests given, populations, diagnoses, and professional experiences you have had

· Most challenging issue faced, and how did (or will) you address it, resolve it, develop it, etc.

· Most satisfying experience professionally and/or personally

· Share what “growth” you have noted in yourself as a Psychologist-In-Training over the course of this experience….

· Goals for practicum yet to be met, or future growth areas

· How you can impact the remainder of your practicum to have the experience you really want…. .

· Contributions you and your practicum site make in the area of social justice/social change…

I work with Functional Family Therapist….You can look it up on the internet


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