christian worldview class must be written from christian viewpoint 15 slide powerpoint with 2 4 resources including the bible
April 2, 2021
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (MGT 520)DUE DATE: 31/10/2016TOTAL MARKS: 100Instructionsâ?¢ A standard forma
April 2, 2021

Read the case study that I uploaded below and answer the following questions. 5-7 pages

Tesla Inc. The Strategic Partnership for a New Gigafactory in China Case Questions:

Q1: Should Tesla have taken a partner for its new Shanghai facility? If so, should it have been a battery supplier? If so, which battery suppliers could be potential partners?

Q2: What was the overall competitive situation of Tesla and its partnership with Panasonic? Analyze the mission and the vision, as well as the external and internal environments, using various analytic tools.

Q3: How did Tesla overcome entry barriers in the established automotive industry and rise to become one of the top selling EV manufacturers?

Q4: How should Tesla and Panasonic strategically manage their partnerships to optimize its mutual benefits?

Q5: What were the challenges for Tesla investing in China, the world`s largest automotive market?

Don`t forget to add recent updates about the company when preparing your cases!


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