bus 319 principles of the federal acquisition regulation
April 8, 2021
Refer to “Social and Cultural Paper Writing Instructions” for a detailed explanation of the requirements for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper that you will be developing throughout the course. For this assignment, prepare a reference list that includes the sources you will be citing in the paper. The paper must include a minimum of 10 scholarly references in addition to the textbook. More references may be used if necessary. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment meets the following CACREP Standards: 2.F.2.a. Multicultural and pluralistic characteristics within and among diverse groups nationally and internationally. 2.F.2.b. Theories and models of multicultural counseling, cultural identity development, and social justice and advocacy. 2.F.2.c. Multicultural counseling competencies. 2.F.2.d. The impact of heritage, attitudes, beliefs, understandings, and acculturative experiences on an individual’s views of others. 2.F.2.g. The impact of spiritual beliefs on clients’ and counselors’ worldviews. 2.F.2.h. Strategies for identifying and eliminating barriers, prejudices, and processes of intentional and unintentional oppression and discrimination. This assignment meets the following NASAC Standards: 18) Understand diverse racial and ethnic cultures, including their distinct patterns of interpreting reality, world view, adaptation, and communication, and to incorporate the special needs of minority groups and the differently abled into clinical practice. 19) Understand the importance of self-awareness in one's personal, professional, and cultural life. 85) Adapt counseling strategies to the individual characteristics of the client, including (but not limited to): disability, gender, sexual orientation, developmental level, acculturation, ethnicity, age, and health status. 102) Sensitize others to issues of cultural identity, ethnic background, age, and gender role or identity in prevention, treatment, and recovery. 119) Recognize the importance of individual differences by gaining knowledge about personality, cultures, lifestyles, and other factors influencing client behavior, and applying this knowledge to practice. 121) Conduct culturally appropriate self-evaluations of professional performance, applying ethical, legal, and professional standards to enhance self-awareness and performance. SO IN EASY TERMS I NEED THIS PAPER EDITED AND 10 MORE REFERENCES ADDED INTO THE PAPER. PAPER IS ATTACHED I also attached the paper outline so you can look over the rules to the paper to start with.
April 8, 2021

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