week 4 iscussion and self reflection capl
March 31, 2021
reflection work
March 31, 2021

Watch Nordstrom Rack video

Work in your group to answer all the questions below:

  1. Why do people shop at Nordstrom Rack (exchange)?
  2. What is the key situation faced by Nordstrom Rack?
  3. List Nordstrom Rack’s main Strengths
  4. List Nordstrom Rack’s main Weaknesses
  5. State their central marketing objective (must synch with # 2)
  6. Describe the typical customers purchasing clothing (target markets)
  7. Describe the typical customer purchasing behavior for clothing (Extended, Limited, Habitual, Impulse)
  8. How does Nordstrom Rack create value?
  9. Make one value creation recommendation (must synch with # 2)
  10. Make one value capture recommendation (must synch with # 2)


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