In this assignment, you will explore the ethical issues present in the healthcare system.Research the ethical issues of reforming the healthcare systems in the United States and at least one other cou
April 15, 2022
Before responding to the questions below, click on the “Lessons” link on the left and complete the Week 7: Topic 1 – Social Psychology lesson. After completing the lesson, return to the forum here, cl
April 15, 2022


Note: Select one of the two following prompts to discuss:

Briefly examine the stages of prenatal human development, beginning with conception, and including germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages. Consider how teratogens may impact the development of the fetus at each of these stages.
Select one specific teratogen and analyze the impact of that teratogen on prenatal and infant development. Consider the role of timing, dosage, duration, and genetics, in relation to your selected teratogen. Provide research-based suggestions for preventing and treating prenatal exposure to that teratogen.

Use the readings and multimedia from this unit to inform your discussion.
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