homicide and law enforcement 1
May 4, 2021
Discussion Question 200 Words With References Due October 24 At 2:00 Pm
May 4, 2021

The content of this unit will be covered over a two week period. During the first week In this unit, concept analysis will be examined as a way to best understand a concept. The readings in the Learning Resources presented a number of approaches to formal concept analysis. Each method has strengths and weaknesses. In this discussion, students will apply some of the concept analysis approaches to a selected concept of their choice. This assignment is intended to allow the student to show evidence of achieving desired learning outcomes (CLO #3, ILO #7 & PLO #7).

To do this, select a concept of interest you want to examine (i.e. pain, family support, palliation, mobility, trust, ischemia, etc.).

“Submit a post that articulates some strategies to utilize the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of two different concept analysis methods on the selected concept of your choice”.


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