For this week’s Discussion, you will find a credible source that presents a rival perspective to your argument for change, share a key passage from the source, and then paraphrase that information using a signal phrase and in-text citation
April 24, 2022
For this assignment, you will complete an observation and analytical evaluation of an organization
April 24, 2022


MUST BE NEW AND ORIGINAL WORK NOT GIVEN TO OTHER STUDENTS. Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in the accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Include citations in the text and references at the end of the document in APA format.PLEASE READ INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY. IN TEXT CITATION AND MUST CITE ALL REFERENCE IN APA FORMAT
Prepare a 2-page outline of your Research Proposal (the research proposal should be something on: bad managers and employee retention). The outline should provide an overview of the main elements of your proposal. It should include:

An introduction
A brief statement of purpose
The rationale for conducting the study
Your hypotheses and research questions
Methods (participants, procedures, materials, instruments), and appropriate statistical test(s) for data analysis
List of at least three relevant articles for the proposal

The purpose of this outline is to obtain feedback from your instructor on your progress and on the feasibility of your topic and design.
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