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May 3, 2021
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Respond to this peer response in 200-250 words:

I believe it is very important to learn about the periods of American literature from the early Colonial period through the American Renaissance/Romantic period. This is crucial for people to learn and understand because it can help to understand what those times were like in regard to literature and religion. Between these time periods, religions that were popular in society often changed. However, God’s presence and faithfulness never changed. He was always there no matter the circumstance. I think that is another reason why studying this information can be so beneficial and eyeopening. Seeing and reading about how God provided and moved in times back then is so beautiful.

Reading American literature from these times can help our own spiritual lives as we try to better reflect the image of Christ. Reading these pieces from American literature will expose us to the faithfulness and Godliness of His people. The image of Christ can be reflected so beautifully in these writings and it will inspire us to live like that as well. I think reading through these writings will also be challenging in a way. It will challenge us as God’s people to be more like Him and pursue Him. Learning about how these people acquired religious freedom can also help us reflect the image of God.

Seeing how the Lord was there for his people all the way back then just as He is know can teach us a lot about the character of God. God is sovereign over every circumstance and will always be faithful no matter what. Reading and learning about the events in American literature can confirm our belief that God’s timing is always perfect. (word count: 285)


Belasco, Susan. The Bedford Anthology American Literature, Volume 1, Second Edition, Liberty University. [Liberty University Online Bookshelf].…


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