February 20, 2021
Comparison Worksheet
February 20, 2021

Play-Based Learning Chart

For this project you will be using your understanding of the five developmental domains, play-based learning, and learning styles to complete a chart designed to help parents and staff understand the importance of play in the early childhood environment. The Unit 6 Assignment Template provides the five developmental domains. Under each developmental domain, you will share and explain two play-based activities that promote growth in each domain. In addition, you will connect each of your activities to its dominant learning style and explaining how it is connected. Recall the Learning Styles readings and that the styles can be remembered by VAKT, which stands for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile. The template includes an example to help guide your responses.

Assignment Guidelines

Responses to each section should be written in Standard English with correct grammar and spelling. Please include at least two different references in your responses and properly cite all sources using proper APA formatting and citation style. Your full references should be listed alphabetically on the reference page. If you need assistance with APA style, please visit the Writing Center.

This Assignment assesses the following Course Outcomes:

CE215-1: Discuss the domains of development to be considered in curriculum planning.

CE215-3: Describe the effect play-based activities have on the learning of children.

GEL-6.02: Incorporate outside research into an original work appropriately.




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