Describe two to three macroeconomic factors that influence interest rates in general
April 24, 2022
Implementing Policy In the Health Care Delivery System
April 24, 2022


Question A:
Discuss the importance of healthcare practitioners, especially nurses, in taking the leadership roles in the shaping and implementing of health IT. Analyze the political aspects of the nurse informatics specialists’ role in the public policy arena. Discuss the political skills necessary to be effective in the role.
Question B:
Discuss the connections between politics and the increasing focus on health informatics education and training. Analyze the main challenges to ensuring adequate informatics instructions in the healthcare curriculum.
Please respond to the initial question by day 5 and be sure to post two additional times to peers and/or instructor by day 7. The initial post by day 5 should be a minimum of 75-150 words. If you use any source outside of your own thoughts, you should reference that source. Include solid grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.
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