SES and Opioid Addiction – My Nursing Assignment
April 15, 2022
hypothetical professional job opportunity for family nurse practitioner in an emergency pediatric department
April 15, 2022


Assignment details
You are required to present how you would plan, implement, and sustain Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable, Patient-Centered Care (STEEEP). Your presentation should cover the following areas:

Title page
Aim of your presentation
Content of your presentation
Highlighting the four phases of STEEEP Quality process (Initiation, Foundation Building, Operationalizing, and Continuous QI)
Highlight the role and importance of the five components necessary for delivering successful and sustainable quality improvement in healthcare (Administration and Governance, Physician and Nurse Leadership, QI Programs and Expertise, Data and

Analytics, and Reputation and Accreditation) within each phase of the four phases of (STEEEP) Quality process
refer to the document attached to write the presentation
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