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Using the Competitive Analysis Grid presented in this week’s reading in Chapter 11, Industry and Competitor Analysis section (pp. 456-457), prepare an outline for your project company. Upload your completed document to this assignment.
Project Company:
Business Plan: Co-Let’s-Go!
Professional carpooling, servicing the growing Huntsville, AL area.
Huntsville, Alabama stands out among cities in the Southeast by being repeatedly named by publications as one of the best places to live in the region. These ratings are for both business and for quality of life, two things for which the city scores high marks. Fortune 500 companies call Huntsville home. Industries related to technology and defense are common here, such as the Army’s Redstone Arsenal, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, 2nd FBI headquarters, and Cummings Research Park. Southern heritage mixes with high-tech entrepreneurial spirit to make a town with a high quality of life.
The city has outgrown its traditional two lane highway commute. Forcing citizens to endure hours of traffic.
thr Co-Let’s-Go. Coworkers let’s go, is a professional carpooling service designed to cut down on traffic, encourage more family time, and improve our city as each of the heavily populated locations will have two-three roving F650 44 passenger bus, equipped with a barista stand. Offering coffee in the morning and light juice and water in the afternoon. The service will offer mimosas and beer on Fridays after license obtainment.
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