This assignment contains four parts, as identified and described below. Please include four subheadings in your paper that clearly identifies each part. In a 1,500-1,750-word paper, include the follow
April 15, 2022
2-Day Meal Plan need – My Nursing Assignment
April 15, 2022


Research existing psychological assessments (MMPI-II, Weschler IQ Scales, etc.) to identify three measures of the constructs you are studying for your research question.  (Please respond to #4 for all three of your psychological assessments)

What is your research question?

Write a testablehypothesis for your research question.

What constructs is your research question investigating?

Provide the following information for three measures of the constructs:

What is the test? Include the name and authors.

How is the test used? Include the target population, how the test is administered, and what information it provides.

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