When performing a broth dilution test why is it necessary to include a growth control tube? A sterility control tube?
June 24, 2022
Benchmark – Major Counseling Theories Comparison Paper
June 24, 2022


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 in the course textbook, and review the weekly lecture.
In this course, you have read and reflected on different improvement methodologies, such as the Deming cycle, creative problem-solving process, and DMAIC. You have learned the key principles of the Six Sigma philosophy.
In your discussion post,

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Please compare and contrast these different approaches to improving processes.
Explain the relative strengths and weaknesses of each.
Discuss how these approaches are utilized within your organization or an organization of your choosing, if they are, and how they could be improved.

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