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February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021

Task 1.1 Remove non-printable characters (5 marks)

The Fire_Stations.csv file contains non-printable Unicode characters, in order to perform other

cleansing tasks and merging of data you’ll first need to clean these characters from the data.

Note: You have been provided with a file “Fire_Stations (ASCII).csv”, if you are unable to complete

this task you may use this file to complete remaining tasks.

Task 1.2 Create E-Mail (4 marks)

An email address for each station needs to be constructed from its name: e.g. the address

for Acacia Ridge Fire Station will be

Task 1.3 Merge Data (5 marks)

You are to merge data from the three sources into “Fire_Station_Locations.csv” with fields

as shown in Table 1 – Field Mapping.

Task 1.4 Correct Field Names (2 Marks)

Ensure your field names match the fields as shown in Table 1 – Field Mapping .

Task 1.5 Correct Field Order (2 Marks)

Ensure the order of fields matches the order in Table 1 – Field Mapping

Task 1.6 Sort Data (2 Marks)

Data must be sorted firstly on “RegionID” and then on “Station Number”

Note: Should you be unable to fully complete the above tasks, you have been supplied with

a file “Fire_Station_Locations (Solution).csv” that you can use for Task 2.

Task 1.7 Clean and Separate Street Address (Optional 10 Bonus Marks)

Separate data in the Address field into: “Street Address”, “Suburb” & “Post Code” fields. (5 marks)

Create a “State” field with a value of “Qld” for each record (2 marks)

Replace abbreviations for street type (eg. Rd is used instead of Road, Crt instead of Court)


Note: This task is optional should you choose to attempt it any marks scored on this task will be

added to your overall mark for the assignment up to 100%, that is you can’t score more than 100%

for the assignment.




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