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April 2, 2021
Course Code: EDR7112Course Start Date: 10/19/2015Section: Foundations of Action ResearchWeek: 4Activ
April 2, 2021

Topic: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

How COPPA is relevant to information technology??

Total Pages: 6 excluding title page and reference page.

paper must include both a Title page and a Reference page.

  • paper should NOT include an abstract.
  • paper must include a minimum of 7 peer reviewed resources (articles or papers) Cited sources must directly support your paper (i.e. not incidental references)
  • Your paper must be at least 1500 words in length (but NOT longer than 2000 words; Scholarly writing should be efficient and precise. Be clear in the information that you are conveying and with the evidence used to support it. Here is a good resource to help with writing concisely:
  • Title and reference pages are NOT included in calculating the paper length.

If you are not sure how to identify peer reviewed papers or articles, please visit the following resources:……

Paper must contain:

  • a title page.
  • an introduction of the content of the paper, including the scholarly value of your research.
  • a brief review of the recent literature related to your topic.
  • a brief analysis of the synthesized conclusions of the existing research related to your topic.
  • a conclusion that summarizes the content of your paper and discusses research gaps and future research opportunities related to your topic.
  • a reference page(s).

Please find the sample research paper attached.


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