describe nursing leadership.
May 4, 2021
What does globalization mean? Some scholars argue that it is a process that is both inevitable and irreversible. Do you agree or disagree?
May 4, 2021

Need a course description for below in terms of Devops

1. computer organization architecture 

2. Operating system

3. Data mining 

4. Network security

5. Advance special topics in csci 

6. Advance Database management systems 

7. Artificial Intelligence


Data Base Management Systems. The course introduces fundamental database concepts and implementation. Data models such as relational and object-oriented models are covered. Connection between DBMS and Web applications and a popular DBMS system such as Oracle will also be addressed. 

– Basic understanding of data base structure and usage. Job duties includes to set the connection or communication process between web servers, app servers.

– This course also covers Master, slave architecture and replication connections for high availability. 

– Fundamentals on MYSQL table locks, schema changes and migrations concepts. 

– Troubleshooting the database errors of reads and writes of customer activities on web pages. 


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