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April 12, 2022
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Here are the two profile that i was given, follow the instruction and answer it. thank you.
RP 1 is released. Due date is 9/25 at 8 pm.Read the document for the questions and you are to complete all of your work including written answers and calculations on the excel template provided. If you are working in group of 4 or less names of the group members should be on the extra tab/ sheet in the template.You will submit a single excel document for the group in the following format:RP#_LastName1_LastName2..I will not grade any documents in the wrong format.RP1Questionnaire is the supplementary questionnaire under Tests and Quizzes , a single submission per group is required.
The excel submission you must uploaded with the RP1Questionnaire under tests and quizzes tab.You will only receive full credit if you (1) upload your excel and (2) complete the questionnaire by the due date.
Ask any questions before you submit.
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