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April 23, 2022
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April 23, 2022


Based on the background information in the attachment, you will use your skills as a fire and emergency services (FES) administrator to develop a cooperative relationship with those attending the town hall meeting. You will need to emphasize the primary services that a FES organization should focus on when planning customer service efforts. In addition, you will discuss the importance of criteria-based dispatching while, at the same time, demonstrating the importance of a good working relationship with public officials and the community by being attentive to their concerns of responding to noncritical, nonemergency medical incidents.create an eight-slide PowerPoint presentation . For the presentation, you must follow the same prompt as described above, but you must also include any image(s) that you would use in the town hall meeting. The presentation needs a title slide, which should include your name, the date, and the title of your presentation, and a reference slide. The title slide and reference slide do not count toward meeting the eight-slide minimum. You will do a voiceover narration for every slide—except for the reference slide. Ensure you follow APA guidelines.
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