HazMat – Pick 2 Chemicals (from list)+ Research 2 detection instruments for each chemical
April 15, 2022
power point presentation Highlighting the four phases of STEEEP Quality process
April 15, 2022


Make up an experiment that focuses on socioeconomic status (specifically income and race) and Opioid abuse/addiction (only opioid, don’t focus on drugs as general). The sample would be the people with different income levels and races in Oakland, California. A study should find out what race (black or white) and income level (high or low) people are more likely to develop opioid addiction.
The example attached below is actual experiment, but you don’t need to do the experiment, just choose either quasi-experiment research or non-experimental research (read the experiment detail doc), then create the experiment follow its design.
The paper must have:
Data collection
Analysis: Quantitative data analysis + Qualitative data analysis

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