rior to beginning work on this discussion, read the Splett, Fowler, Weist, McDaniel, & Dvorsky (2013), Stinnett, Bui, & Capaccioli, (2013), and Kosher, Jiang, Ben-Arieh, & Huebner, (2014) articles,
May 5, 2021
Succession Planning Procedure
May 5, 2021

  1. . Read and discuss with your team the Case Study 5-2 on Boeing 787 at the end of Chapter 5 (pages 165-166) from your text book. Complete the answers to the questions given at the end of the case study. Please reference necessary research to complete this team assignment. The question is: What are your conclusions about the design of the integrated supply chain? Give some specific ideas about what could have been done to integrate it better


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