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October 22, 2021
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October 22, 2021


Write a 2 page essay on Listening guide.In other words, Mozart applies instrumental alterations. The second theme is followed by a short cadence, which brings the listener back to the repetition of the entire exposition.At the very beginning, the first theme changes its key. the modulation growth into the contrapuntal treatment of the theme by the whole orchestra. In the following phrases, the modulation takes place as well and is accompanied but the breaking up of the main theme into small portions, or fragmentation. Fragmentation ends up the transition passage performed forte by the full orchestra. the retransition leads to the recapitulation.In the recapitulation part, the first theme is performed in G minor piano, as in exposition but with the differences in the orchestration as the party of the bassoon becomes more prominent. The second theme (originally performed in major key) is now played in the tonic key of the piece, which is G minor. It results in the change of the mood of the movement. In addition to this, recapitulation is more stable compared to exposition due to the fact both themes are played in the minor key as well as the bridge theme.The piece under analysis ends up with a short coda comprised imitative passage performed by the strings, piano and then followed by repeated cadences played forte. Like in all the parts of the movement, cadence theme is followed by an abrupt stop. This time, however, the stop is followed by three chords which end the
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