Identify a concept that you believe needs to be more explicitly defined for nursing
April 12, 2022
Southern New Hampshire University Budgets Don’t Work Article Discussion
April 12, 2022


Budgets can be useful tools for planning and control, but they can also present challenges for many managers and spur unintended negative consequences. Some companies have begun exploring alternatives to traditional master budgeting. The chapters in your textbook provide a thorough examination of both the benefits and challenges of budgeting, while the article Budgets Don’t Work: Here’s How Businesses Can Do It Differently points out some problems caused by traditional budgeting practices and offers an alternative approach.
For this discussion, carefully review each resource and provide a thorough assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of traditional budgeting practices. Explain whether you support a company’s use of a traditional budget or recommend an alternative approach. Support your viewpoint by directly citing from your learning resources and any other resources you choose to use.
In your responses to your peers, support or respectfully challenge their point of view. Support your answer.
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